Information for Guides and Partners connects European adventure-seeking travelers with local guides and small businesses from Alaska and the Yukon.

We create win-win situations by helping guides establish direct contact to their potential European customers through our unique platform. This allows guides to offer their own trip ideas with their own price calculation, as well as customize their trip offerings through direct discussions with potential customers. Plus, customers and customer-groups that have adventure ideas for trips in Alaska and the Yukon can post their ideas and guides can make offers to lead the trips. This helps us all avoid the generic day-to-day guided excursions provided to the masses and helps the guides and customers adapt their offerings to create a custom adventure unlike any other.

Small business partners who offer services or supplies to guides and travelers have the opportunity list their offerings on

On, guides offer fully planed trips and business partners offer lodging (hostiles, bed & breakfasts, etc.), rental equipment (tents, canoes, cars, snow machines, rv’s, etc.), and other services. Plus, all of us adventure-seekers get to offer creative adventure ideas that inspire the imagination of the potential customers and in some cases, the guides who lead them there.

Putting up an offer on is totally free!

Only once a booking is confirmed, do we take a commission. The commission will vary depending on the type and the volume of the offer, and will be individually negotiated between the offering guide and

Make an Offer at

If you are interested in offering a guided trip, lodging, rental equipment, or any other kind of adventure ingredients, please fill in the offering form and send it to:

We will check your offer to make sure it matches the markets we serve and will get back to you. Once we work out all the details of your offer and get to know each other (if we haven’t already sweat our way up a mountain with you or dunked ourselves down a class IV rapid with you) we will layout, translate, and publish your offer on

Please Note: We only allow Partners we personally know and trust. This does not mean is only for our group of friends, but rather before we post your offerings, we want to get to know you. We think this is necessary to ensure the highest quality adventures to our customers!

Guided Adventure Price Scale

On all offers are posted with a price-scale, which will provide the price per-person depending on the group size.

This ensures that both the guide and customer will always have the fairest price, while protecting the guide from not having enough customers in the group to pay for the trip.

Guides, please calculate your offers in a price-scale like the following example:

$4000 each Person/ with 2 participants

$3600 each Person/ with 3 participants

$3300 each Person/ with 4 participants

$3150 each Person/ with 5 participants

The offering guide establishes the pricing without any add-ons from, however you may want to factor the commission in to your offering price scale.

Services to Guide and Business Partners on

Because we are a young company these services are free for the first 50 Partners!!!

Translation: You can provide with all the details of your trip offer, rental equipment, or service offerings in English and we will translate them in to German and post it on

Be an Advertising Partner at

Post your promotional banner on the website and begin reaching European customers now! We want to work with you, either by offering you advertising space on or in any other creative marketing campaign you want to partner on. Please write us a short email at and lets get started. We are more then happy to work out an individual deal with you. reaches customers!

Our most valued marketing at is the feedback, testimonials, and word-of-mouth referrals of satisfied guides and customers. Sharing stories of adventure motivates others to follow in their footsteps or create their own adventure!

In addition to referral-based marketing, we also have partnerships with over 200 outdoor and sports stores, where we promote and highlight specific trip offerings. staff personally reaches out to adventure enthusiasts and guides by hosting promotional booths at events such as “Banff Mountain Film Festival” or “Europene outdoor filmfestival”. Not to mention, we ourselves are adventurers who meet and work with similar people the world over.